1,273 Days In The Life of Environmental Projection

It takes deliberate effort and well planned and executed content to redirect that production – to become an environment for worship.

1,273 Days In The Life of Environmental Projection
An example of environmental projection being used in the worship space at Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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1,273 Days In The Life of Environmental Projection

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1,273 Days In The Life of Environmental Projection

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What you can do with EP is beyond the limits of your imagination the technology is beyond your ability when you start and you can and should grow with it. A few years ago, I bought a camera and as always there are so many choices! I wanted to buy the high dollar fully loaded version, until I realized my skill level was covered by the entry-level base model. I would still have to work to learn how to use the features of the basic version, that would take work and time.

It is a similar story with EP, as you can’t start instantly at the expert level of a Cameron Ware! It takes time to develop your skills, your knowledge and most importantly your vision. The vision to seek great ideas and make them work will take time and experimentation.

What You SHOULD Do and What You SHOULD NOT Do

What you should do is find your own way of doing it. Churches seem to be quick to copy what is working somewhere else. We were created by a unique and creative God to be unique and creative!

The best designs we have created have come out of prayer and scripture and lots of imagination in action.

For me, my act of worship happens days and months in advance of the Sunday service seeking to bring to the table something new and fresh that will open and inspire the congregation gathered to worship.

What you should not do is let it run you. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Be wise.

It’s not that I like to push the boundaries of what our congregation is “used to,” but I try very hard not be noticed.

I don’t want a 300 foot wide distraction.

It is easy with a large format projector to get noticed! I want to create a space that welcomes and invites.

I have so loved this journey of discovery, and I hope churches around the world (especially in Australia!) will embrace a technology that allows you to transform and make new the places we worship.

More About Tim Ottley
Tim Ottley was born in Melbourne, Australia, and after growing up watching friends play rock music and share Jesus in the bars and clubs of Sydney, he moved to Nashville, Tenn., in 1995 to be a rock star. That dream did not come to fruition, but he then started working for record labels and local touring bands, beginning with P.O.D. in 1999 as their first touring manager. Tim would eventually find himself in Tulsa, Okla., and by 2010, he moved into a position at Asbury United Methodist Church, working with audio, video and lightning. Over the last two years, Asbury has made significant changes to services and sanctuary space, including the installation of the largest Environmental Projection system in a church in the United States.
Get in Touch: tottley@asburytulsa.org    More by Tim Ottley

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