5 Tips For Filming Stories For The Christmas Season

Start by collaborating with your teaching pastor, and if your pastor has his series or topics done, take a look at that first, or ask questions to get some direction on what kind of story could be produced.

5 Tips For Filming Stories For The Christmas Season
There are a ton of people that will come check out your church during Christmas. This is a great time to put someone up on screen that says, “I’m just like you, I kicked the tires during Christmas, and I came back.”

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5 Tips For Filming Stories For The Christmas Season
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1) Start in October

It’s a good thing this article is coming out in October. That was a close one. Starting in October gives you plenty of time to find, film and edit a story without feeling panicked. Panic can be great for creativity sometimes, but for me it saps my energy too much. Start by collaborating with your teaching pastor.

There are a ton of people that will come check out your church during Christmas.

There’s a couple ways to tackle this.

If your pastor has his series or topics done, take a look at that first. It’s reasonable to request an outline with a few bullet points. This helps you ask informed questions and it makes you look smart. Based on the series you can make suggestions. Last year, we were doing a series around fostering, trafficking and local missions, so our conversations revolved around finding a story that fit the theme of the day.

Here’s an example. The Jackson Family Foster and Adopt Story


If you don’t have a clue what’s being preached, ask a question like, “What kind of story would help?” This question is a little different than, “Do you want a story?” Assume the sale. Maybe throw in some options, such as, “salvation story ... growing in Christ story?” One year, we produced this story, Diana’s Christmas Story, as a way to say, “Life is tough, how does this person find joy at Christmas through Christ?”


2) Stories can go almost anywhere in service

Another good collaborator to talk to is, whoever produces the service order, normally your worship pastor. A good story can go after the offering. Offering, Pray, Story, Song. The worship leader knows they can come out of a story and lift into celebration. Or you could couch it between two songs. See if the band can play under the story for a few moments or start padding with 15 to 20 seconds before the end of the story, to help both parts transition seamlessly.

3) First Christmas as a Christian

I love these stories. Such a fresh perspective on the season for the rest of us who have grown to hate Christmas. I never hear more people say they hate Christmas than atheists, my uncle Jimmy, and almost everyone on church staffs. We get overworked, end up overspending, and certainly overeat. Of course you don’t like it. But the folks who experience it fresh for the first time, for real ... it’s magical. Take a look at Cash’s Christmas Story.


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