Tips from 3 Experts - Digital Signage Budget Savers

Planning ahead always saves time, money and prevents digital signage mistakes.

Tips from 3 Experts - Digital Signage Budget Savers
Tips from 3 Experts - Digital Signage Budget Savers

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Digital signage is more than just a kiosk in the lobby. It is an entirely new method of communication, replete with its own social mores and techniques. As intimidating as that might sound, you can save money on this new enterprise. Leading experts are here to help.

“Typically, when you start a project, there’s a flurry of spending as you spin up. If users aren’t prepared, they can get caught in the trap of [needing] a full-time employee because they haven’t thought the messaging through.  Have a plan, know your project goals, and [design your] communication, so as people bring in more content, you can consider whether it needs to be on the signage. You shouldn’t needed a [full-time employee] to maintain digital signage content. [Even] the human resources person managing the calendar should be able to easily update it. Build these plans in at the start and you’ll save money over time.”

—Steve Lamphear, global key accounts manager, X20Media

“If you can find a solution that lets you manage multiple outlets (e.g., to digital signage, to desktop PCs, to mobile users) from one place, you’ll save money and time.”

—Doug Chase, product manager, Four Winds Interactive


“You save yourself a lot of time by spending some upfront time doing research, looking for economies of scale. Develop a reliable relationship with certain vendors.”

—Spencer W. Graham, II, manager of Operations for Information Systems, the Interactive Video Network and Web Services, West Virginia University.


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