Washes, Spots, Beams: Varied Options Key For Your Lighting Rig

With the available choices of fixtures to consider, they will help make your lighting system come alive and will add a dimension of creativity that will open many possibilities for you as a designer.

Washes, Spots, Beams: Varied Options Key For Your Lighting Rig
Whether you are looking washes, spots, breams or hybrids, each will help in making your lighting system come alive and will add a dimension of creativity that will open many possibilities for you as a designer.

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Washes, Spots, Beams: Varied Options Key For Your Lighting Rig

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Wash fixtures can come in color mixing or white-only versions, if you are in the LED range and typically the ARC source range will offer multiple color wheels or even CMY color mixing capabilities.

Overall, you definitely need wash fixtures in your rig.


The spot/profile (either name works as the overall feature set is the same), is where the visual POP or eye candy starts to show up in your lighting rig to create those stunning looks every designer longs for. These lights create that money shot, when a handheld camera takes a focused lens up shot toward the ceiling, picking up some hands on a guitar, and that beautiful gobo break up is beaming down through the haze.

Ahhhhh … such satisfaction to see that look. High-fives all around the tech booth!

That look comes from the spot/profile fixture. These fixtures naturally have a hard or focused edge. They are designed to punch through a wash light and really stand out in your design. They have at least one gobo wheel (often two) that will give you many choices of patterns.

Most often you would use this fixture over the stage to provide texture to floors, walls, scenery, etc., as well as beam through the air or sitting on the stage, giving you the ability to put up aerial effects through the sky.

When hung out over an audience, they can provide nice texture over a crowd, on house walls or just supplement additional beam effects that look great live and really show up well and add depth for camera shots.

Spot/Profile fixtures can also be used for key lighting, although you will want a variable frost in the fixture to help soften the hard edge. These units, in upper level models, can also come with framing shutters that allow you to cut the beam of light and shape it to an exact size, which can be a fantastic feature for advanced designs.

Additionally, these upper level models of fixtures often include animation wheels to allow for amazing water, fire, and other beautiful looks for designers, who want to take their design to another level.

Overall, spot/profile fixtures have a solid place in every design and open many opportunities for incredible designs. Coupled with a wash fixture, I consider them both as foundation in every good design.

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