Streaming Video Lets an Ambitious Church Scale into the Cloud
By Dan Daley · December 6, 2012 • Church of Champions has a new method of reaching parishioners. Streaming video to other locations, including potential future satellite locations for this church or to other churches that want to use Champions’ worship content to support their own pastors’ sermons, are some of the long-term goals for the technology.

TechDecisions Guide to 40 Document Cameras
By Chrissy Winske · November 26, 2012 • A comprehensive buying guide to 38 desktop, portable and ceiling mounted document cameras. These cameras display high quality images on a projector screen, flat panel monitor, or TV. They can even serve your videoconferencing and web camera needs. Check out products from Elmo, Wolfvision, Samsung, Epson, Avervision, iPevo, Lumens, Ken-a-vision, HoverCam, Vaddio, Qomo Hite Vision, Recordex

Hillcrest Covenant Church’s Streaming Goes Mobile
By Dan Daley · November 7, 2012 • Hillcrest Covenant Church bring it satellite extension church into the fold with streaming that supports mobile devices.

iStreamPlanet to Show Aventus Cloud-Based Video Streaming
By TD Staff · October 25, 2012 • The new streaming solution will be available in 2013.

JVC Debuts Next-Gen Handheld Camera
By TD Staff · September 25, 2012 • The GY-HM650 WiFi-based mobile camcorder will be available this winter.

Two Approaches to Network Performance Management at Your Church
By Leslie T. O'Neill · June 21, 2012 • Two solutions, Cisco Medianet and AppNeta take different approaches to managing video traffic on the network.

Low-cost Streaming Video Technology Available to Churches
By TechDecisions · April 18, 2012 • A new way to reach parishioners who can’t attend services.

Streaming Media Encoders Make Videos Internet Friendly
By Leslie O'Neill · April 18, 2012 • People like watching video over the Internet, and that preference is driving videos beyond social media sites like YouTube into the professional realm.

Streaming Media Encoders Make Videos Internet Friendly for HoW
By Leslie O'Neill · April 12, 2012 • People like watching video over the Internet, and that preference is driving videos beyond social media sites like YouTube into the professional realm.

Streaming Media Encoder Tips: A Q&A
By Leslie O'Neill · April 12, 2012 • Network engineer and live sound engineer Ron Guensche specializes in audio and video technology in the studio and on location. He works with ednet (Entertainment Digital Network).

Streaming Video Online for Worship Gets Better, Faster and Cheaper
By Robin Miller · March 1, 2012 • Using the free or nearly free services can get your video up and available to your parishioners quickly and with good quality.

Samsung Techwin America IP Camera
By TechDecisions · February 28, 2012 • Samsung has recently introduced a 3-megapixel network surveillance camera with an IR range of 30 meters in a completely dark environment.

Considering the Risks of Software Piracy
By Elaine J. Hom · February 26, 2012 • Pirated software opens organizations up to potential data breaches and system failures. Moreover, software piracy funds organized crime and weakens the economy.

AMX Releases Vision² Streaming Video System with Next-Gen Innovations
By TD Staff · October 1, 2011 • New features of IPTV live and on-demand streaming solution include simplified control and delivery of live streams to remote locations.

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