Five Methods for Making Better Team Decisions
By Len Wilson · November 22, 2017 • In a healthy collaborative environment, the role of individual team members becomes more about leading the discussion around a particular aspect of worship, such as music, rather than dictating what idea will become the final decision for worship.

A Look Back at WFX 2017
By TD Staff · October 17, 2017 • Take a few moments to see a recap video of the WFX Conference & Expo, which was held in Dallas, from October 10-12.

Learning Solutions Laid Out in Solid Sessions at WFX
By Andres Caamano · October 17, 2017 • For attendees at WFX, offerings were across five areas of focus: Tech Arts, Next-Gen Church Buildings, Church Communications, Church Safety & Security, and WeAreWorship, with each providing detailed training opportunities in Dallas.

Sound Check and Rehearsals: Importance Behind Checklists, Communication
By Ralph Hicks · September 20, 2017 • The band, singers, and choir need to know that you care about them and their needs. I do understand that you cannot give them everything that they want, but they need to know that you care.

WFX REACH 2017 Helps Churches ‘Reach’ Next Steps
By Alison Istnick · May 18, 2017 • Role-focused tracks included Tech Arts, Buildings and Design, Communications, Worship and – new to this year’s conference – Cross Functional sessions.

9 Keys to Effective Church Communications
By Kathryn Binkley · November 4, 2016 • Finally, to be effective in your church communication, you must measure your efforts and adapt. Evaluate what’s working and what’s not and remain flexible enough to adjust your approach. Nothing should be set in stone. You should always be open to finding ways to be more effective so you can reach more people with the good news!

Role As Video Director Has Endured Many Changes
By Ralph Hicks · May 31, 2016 • Plenty of time is spent setting up the lights, the sound, and camera positions, but a priority should be in letting the Gospel do the work.

WFX15 Audio Session-Building a Communications Team for Smaller Churches
By TD Staff · April 13, 2016 • The goal of this workshop explored techniques and strategies for producing video content and creating graphics.

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Dig into this final part of a three-part series that looks into choices for lighting design software, including Vectorworks and LightConverse, and how each can best serve the needs of your church.

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